Top 5 Office Accessories For Gamers

The gaming world is expanding as you read this, reaching new people who are exploring new characters, stories, strange worlds, solving mysteries, and winning battles. Whether you’re fighting to the death in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or trying to level up your troll in World of Warcraft, whether you’ve been gaming for years or have just started getting to know the ins and outs of your favorite game, Office Swag wants to enhance your experience. We carry a large collection of cool office swag and accessories that will keep you comfortable and having fun for hours. Start shopping now or go straight for one of these top 5 gaming office accessories.

Cool Office SwagMechanical LED Keyboard

Brighten up the whole experience when you’re gaming at night or with the curtains drawn. This LED keyboard can increase performance and speed with multi-keys that work simultaneously. Easy to use and a great sensation as you type, switch the light effect simply by pressing FN + F9. With Gemini Injection molding, the suspended keycaps are highly resistant to wear and discoloration so you can use it for years. 

Cool Office Swag

Gaming Mouse Pad

Enjoy a smooth ride with this natural rubber mouse pad. Choose your favorite Battlefront-themed design so you can prepare and conquer each fight. The 80x30cm pad is the perfect size for your keyboard, mouse, and has space enough left for you to move around comfortably.


Blue Light Blocking Glasses

A downside to finally reaching 5,000 hours playing WOW is that it’s a big strain on your eyes. The cool office swag that we offer not only helps enhance the experience, but can help you live a healthier life. With the blue light blocking glasses, you can get improved sleep, prevent digital eye strain, and experience increased success in your games. Enjoy the game hour after hour without worry of harming your eyes.


C13 Gaming Headset

Gamers are always on the lookout for the next best headset. Find it here at Office Swag, where comfort and technology meet.

  • Cortical earmuffs use soft leather material
  • Keep your ears cool
  • Double steel head beam is snug on your head
  • Features on/off switches for lighting, microphone, and voice control

Cool Office SwagGamer Chair

So, you’ve got the keyboard, mouse pad, glasses, and headset, now you need the perfect chair. This gamer chair from Office Swag will keep you comfortable and cool. The futuristic color will add the perfect touch to your gaming room. The perfect height, the perfect ergonomic design — all you need now is the perfect gaming score.

Cool Office SwagCool Office Swag Bonus: Tetris Constructible Desk Lamp

Need a break from collecting souls in Dark Souls? Give your Tetris desk lamp a new look. Countless variations will keep you and your gamer friends busy and it adds a nice color that matches your LED keyboard.

If you’re looking for something new to enhance your gaming experience, shop at Office Swag today. We have a collection of cool office swag that is perfect for your home gaming room or your work office. Browse our office decor, desktop accessories, and more — your coworkers will be jealous!